My ideas scrapbook. Number 1

Here’s something a little different. Every now and then when I write an article I do certain things which I put in but then I realise they’re either not needed or just plain not very good so I leave it out. What I noticed is that there were some interesting things that don’t make some of the articles I write (Interesting to me at least) So because some of these ideas are too good to waste (if i say so myself) this series which won’t be regular but will simply show up every once in a while is where those things live. In a from the cutting room floor type of thing. Or maybe even in the form of DVD extras/easter eggs

This includes left out pieces from the video games series as well as the Trance Nation sucks series and other things I do now and then.

From the video games I’ve enjoyed over the years series, here’s a game that was omitted from part 4


This was for many gamers, genesis. The first Grand Theft Auto released on the Playstation 1 and is probably the best top down driving game since Micro Machines 2. The premise is that you have 6 levels spread over 3 cities and you advance to the next stage when you have enough points to do so. From stealing cars to performing tasks for crime lords in the city. But if you attract too much attention then the police will be on to you. But a quick spray job in one of the many auto shops in the city will soon take care of that. The auto shops get more sparse as you go to the other 2 cities. The number of characters depends on the platform, I’ll say there are 4 male characters to chose from because I played this on the PS1.

Now for the record I did actually like this game and the fact that it’s so different from the GTA games that followed gives it that certain charm for me. The animation and graphics style isn’t (believe it or not) that far out of place today when you look at a game like for example the Binding Of Issac (Afterbirth (+)) you realise that actually the top down feature isn’t as dead as you might think. Does the game work today? Yes it does but it would now be considered somewhat niche.

For reference this is the Binding of Issac in the picture above. The only difference I can see is that the graphics are slightly less pixely than GTA1 which is why I maintain that the game doesn’t look or feel too out of place in 2018 and don’t forget, the Binding of Issac is just one example of current games of this sort. There are others like it that also have this feel.

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Lets jump to the Trance Nation Sucks Series for a moment now for some albums that didn’t make the original edit. The first is from the most recent part of the series.

There were a couple of gems in 2004 however. One of which was the second Trance Masters album (not to be confused with the European Trancemaster series) The album was a triple CD with the third disk being left for. You’ve guessed it, classic trance again although in the defence of whoever put the album together it’s a pretty good classics set. In terms of the new titles on this album there are a couple of good ones. There was a track called Emotion in Motion by Witness of Wonder ( and the darker side to CD 1 continues with a new track from BT who since Flaming June had had a couple of minor successes but now has teamed up with a trance heavy weight in the form of Tiesto with Love Comes Again ( Disk 2 is a little lighter to start with Foggy and Come into my Dream ( and another vocal treat from NRC with Fragile ( before things take a harder turn towards the end of the disk with tracks like Burn the Dancefloor Down by Nick Rowland (

The third disk as I mentioned is made up of classic tracks. Nothing too surprising with a fairly safe selection although the dance version of Flash by Queen is a but of a surprise I’ll leave the link here if you wish to indulge in that out of a morbid curiosity (

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Here’s another from the Trance Nation series and a CD that I almost included but removed at the very last minute.

There was an album however that provided proof that every now and then you can have more than one genre on one album and it can work. The problem used to be in the old days that you would on a typical compilation back in the day get 3 or 4 trance tracks together then a load of house tracks for no reason. The adrenaline album did at least separate a whole disk of trance and a whole disk of house and garage from each other which I think is the best way to do it.

Headrush however decided to have a trance CD as disk one and a genre known as hard house on disk 2. This is a fit that seems to make sense to me and looking back I’m surprised that more albums like this weren’t released but then maybe I’m slightly biased here but hard house and trance have gone hand in hand in the past.

So what’s on this album then? Well to start with you get a decent DJ Quicksilver version of Watergate and Heart of Asia ( and a really good Airscape remix of shout by Sagitaire (

The second disk is as I say hard house but to give you an idea of how mad hard house used to be here’s a track from the late great Tony De Vit and Are You All Ready (

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Back to video games and a game that no one heard of, was very basic, but was still good fun


This is a really strange game but it’s one I really enjoyed it’s basic in it’s looks but it’s really hard to master and it’s even been the subject of a music video.

You play as a rabbit made of what I assume is string although it’s hard to tell. You have to guide said rabbit over a series of obstacles by jumping or flipping or… whatever. The idea is that a different button on the playstation pad is for a different obstacle. So X could be for jumping over the blocks, the square could be for shimmying over the wavy line obstacle, circle could be for the loop and the triangle could be for somersaulting over the pit.

The challenge comes when you get combined obstacles like the wavy line combined with loop routine then you have to press two buttons at once and pray that your control pad registers two button presses and that your timing is on point.

In terms of music you get to have the in game music or you can load the game up. Take the disk out and put your own in there instead and the music cues in the disk relate to when you get an obstacle come up. So you see. It’s a basic game in looks but actually there’s a very clever mechanic going on here.

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And that for now is going to close this page of the Scrapbook. I’ve got a few more extras to come but they are for another time. For now thanks for reading. More from me very soon.

I’m just a guy with no writing experience or expertise whatsoever writing about the things that interest me. This is my extended therapy session