I don’t even know what I’m talking about. Number 8: But he isn’t even Japanese!!

Hello and welcome to another I don’t even know what I’m talking about. The feature where I talk nonsense for about 5–10 minutes then crawl back in to the hole I’ve been hiding in for a while.

So lets start with the news first of all and I’m at a really interesting point now because 2 of my staple series are almost at an end. The Trance Nation 2018 sucks series only has 2 articles left to run with the final being a big finale where I will compile my own Trance Nation album (based on the idea that if licensing and budget was no issue) to show off how good we could have it in the UK, and I know from people I’ve spoken to about this that I’m far from the only one that thinks this. But before that I’ll be doing a piece on what the UK had and I can go from 2010–2018 on this one simply because there isn’t that much NEW stuff to talk you through but I need to do the article for a couple of reasons. The first is that I’ve got a big point to make in that article that I can’t make without talking you through what there was around at that time. The second being that there was some new stuff around and in the interests of being fair and as balanced as I can be I need to cover that material.

Then there’s the video games series. I’m drafting the next part of that as we speak and I want to get the next volume of that out of the way first because this Trance Nation series is going to require a lot of attention on my part and there’s a lot of material to gather because unlike the video games series it’s based on more than pure memory. So that’s going to be the next thing you see from me.

Two more things before we get to the good stuff. Firstly I need to point out that after the two series I’m working on right now have finished I do have another HUGE project on this site lined up. When I say huge I mean it. In it’s current format you’re looking at 30 articles. Yes you read that right. So my career as the worst writer on medium is far from done ;)

The last thing.. Follower shout outs. Two of them. Joshua Hehe is the first. He is a very deep thinker and his idea that Infinity is not a number but a concept is actually one I can really get on board with and thanks to that idea something that is unimaginably big becomes somehow easier to understand. So thanks Joshua for that and thanks for the follow as well. You can check him out here. https://medium.com/@joshuashawnmichaelhehe

And the second shout out to Lisa Daum who’s article about what not to do in a relationship is one that’s made me think about things that have happened to me in the past. Cheating is something I recommend that you do NOT put up with as well for instance. She’s also written an article about books that changed her as a person. I hope for the better. And there’s also advice on how to be secretly productive. Although I have little problem with people not knowing how productive I’m being. Thanks for the follow Lisa and if you want to check out her articles then they are here https://medium.com/@lmdaum64

So on to the good stuff then. I’ll start with a bit of an admission here. In the last Video Games article I wrote I mentioned Layers of Fear. Yes it’s a great game and no it’s not perfect (frankly no game I review actually is) but i did forget one crucial thing when talking about the game and that is it’s use of atmosphere. You see, it’s not the most colourful game around but it’s a horror game it’s not supposed to be. The colourful bits that there are, are done to the point that they really stand out and (as you can see above from the game) it just looks superb from a colour pallet point of view and the lighting effects as well. Horror games are thought of as being dark but that’s often the worst thing you can do. Shutter is a perfect example of this where for large parts of the game the only light is from the flash of the camera and that just takes the horror/scare value a bit too over the top in my opinion. But thankfully this isn’t Shutter it’s layers of fear and that makes it better. There have been other games inspired by this one but this is the original and many say the best. There is a Layers of Fear 2 coming out, how that will be? we will have to wait and see.

It’s January. That means we get bombarded with pictures of people stuck in cars because they somehow thought driving in terrible weather was going to turn out OK for some reason. Seriously I HATE this time of year for this very reason. Now here’s a disclaimer for you. I do prefer winter over summer. You can escape the cold easier than the heat and the heat of summer can give me breathing problems. But after being bombarded with snow reports from the Daily Express for months that never turn out to be true given that one of them was in fucking October! Yes OCTOBER!! They were never going to get it right. And here’s the other annoying thing It turns the north of the UK into some kind of snow based circus attraction with cries of “look at these people stuck on the M6 for a few minutes before we cross to our northern correspondent. Yes there used to be a northern correspondent it was a thing, I didn’t just imagine it I promise. I don’t understand the cause of weather patterns i have to admit. It’s something like… Tilt of the earth.. Something something.. Rain, and that’s how weather works. (when I say I don’t know what I’m talking about I really mean it sometimes). One thing I do know is that thanks to climate change our snowfall no longer happens before January (or at least no where near as much as it used to be). But you inevitably get those who say “Oh look global warming doesn’t exist because it’s snowing” Seriously those people are just out of their depth in science. He says (sarcastically).

But what I don’t get is why I seem to live in the one part of the UK that never really has any snow. It’s happened again this time. It’s like i’m living in the eye of the storm in Fortnite or something to the point where my house would be the only one in the UK with no snow on the roof or garden, you can laugh all you want but for me that could be a reality. Why do I sound like I’m complaining here. I like winter but I don’t want the snow and the disruption it causes. Actually that’s a point. I promise you that if there’s one flake of snow here then Snake Pass which is a road that runs across the hills in Derbyshire, will be shut, it’s as certain as the fact that the next time I step in the shower I’m getting wet. Im weird aren’t I? Don’t like snow but I like winter, what’s wrong with me?!?

Here’s another thing.. I found on YouTube a group of guys that critique WWF (Now WWE because the World Wildlife Fund sued them) pay per views from both the modern and classic era when I used to watch it. I’m from the 1990s and early 2000s era of fans that watched. I stopped when the feud with ECW and WCW ended. That for me was a shame as I’m one of the few people that I know that actually liked what little I saw of ECW.

One thing that got my attention looking back at the early 1990s era was just how much of a push this guy got. Yokozuna. He had 2 major what I call push matches where he gets put over (or allowed to win) fairly easily and one of those was actually on the first Monday Night Raw. Now this comes as no shock to me. Heck I’ve been told for years that its phoney and fake. I knew this when I was watching it. But the thing I have a problem with is the way some wrestlers were billed. Take Yokozuna for example. He was billed as this giant Japanese sumo wrestler that was a master of all the martial arts. Two things wrong here. The first is that at his weight being a master of the martial arts (all of them) would be impossible, I mean, yes, he had some skills about him and he could do some pretty cool kicks for a 500 plus pound guy. But that’s not the biggest problem here. I have no problem with someone being labelled as the Japanese giant (it worked for Godzilla right? Although Godzuki can do one as far as I’m concerned). He’s the Japanese Giant carrying a Japanese flag. But he isn’t even Japanese! He was more Samoan. Typical Vince Mcmahon I guess, if you’re going to be dishonest go the whole hog, hey they even had a job guy (that’s a local guy that they pay to easily roll over to some star just to make a bit of money) billed as being from Ireland yet he was from Detroit so lets not pretend that this is limited to just big names here. Of course the WWF would soon go down hill with the whole “bra and panties” fetish whatever the hell that was about I don’t know. Apparently there’s a reason why they used to put the adverts late at night for these phone sex lines in the middle of the UFC coverage on freeview late at night but no one has ever explained to me why that is.

I’ve really gone off topic here and before I get banned or told of, or indeed scare everyone I’m going to call it a day there. If you have made it this far then thank you for putting up with me. Yes I’m aware that I’m probably the worst writer on this site and yes I’m aware I ramble but hey like I said before, this isn’t designed to be Shakespeare or anything, it’s merely therapy for me and I thank you for listening to me free my mind from this rubbish. Next thing you see from me will be more organised and normal so I’ll see you then.

Thanks for reading and there will be more from me soon



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