I Don’t Even Know What I’m Talking About (Number 5) Bah Humbug!!!

Hello and welcome to another I Don’t Even Know What I’m Talking About. Which is basically me typing like I’m chatting to you one on… however many read this I guess.

So although it’s Christmas Eve this is totally not a Christmas Special because.. Well, because bah humbug basically. That and there’s so much Christmas stuff out there already so I thought I’d take a different stance and just have a normal session with you all.

So LOTS of things have happened since the last one of these, First thing first I have another follower, so thanks to Dan Langerock for the follow. Dan is a man that has coped with blindness and epilepsy but his belief in god has given him a purpose in life and he writes articles that help and inspire people. Check him out here https://medium.com/@chapclergy I’m not actually a religious person to be honest. I believe that if I can see it and touch it then it’s real. That said I can totally understand why people are religious though. For me it gives them a motivation to get through the bad times and gives them meaning when literally nothing else makes sense.. Given that literally nothing in my life makes sense i should be the most religious man in the world on that basis. But as a university lecturer once said to me “thank god I’m an aethiest” If Dan sees this. I’m sorry i’m not dissing you or your beliefs mate :)

You may also have noticed a surge of new articles on this page recently. Two new Video Games I’ve Enjoyed Over The Years articles.

Part 4 can be found here https://medium.com/@stevewood_54779/video-games-ive-enjoyed-over-the-years-part-4-e0df5420c43Part 5 can be found here https://medium.com/@stevewood_54779/video-games-ive-enjoyed-over-the-years-part-5-d305d3ff9163

Now a slight apology here because part 5 is (initially unplanned) all racing and driving games and on a site where I’m trying to please as many people as I can then it probably wasn’t my finest hour.. That said much of my career on the Xbox 360 was racing games but Video Games 6 will feature more variety. But what will we include in that part then??

yeah.. no idea ;)

I’ve also put out the latest two parts in my very long winded explanation of why the latest trance nation album sucks in my opinion.

Part 2 can be found here and takes us into the 21st century, https://medium.com/@stevewood_54779/why-the-new-trance-nation-album-sucks-part-2-the-history-lesson-continues-fdc80fb38b76

Part 3 can be found here and is a look at the European scene with plenty of tracks that we didn’t get in the UK so if you like trance music then I urge you to listen to every single link in the album https://medium.com/@stevewood_54779/why-the-new-trance-nation-album-sucks-part-3-what-was-happening-in-europe-1992-2002-a31c81ea8e5e

I also snuck in a standalone article on what I thought of Formula E in Saudi Arabia https://medium.com/@stevewood_54779/formula-e-in-saudi-arabia-my-verdict-f17016c0a3cb and that is all the news from my site.

So on to the good stuff then.. and speaking of Formula E.. I got into an argument on Facebook which is hardly unusual as I get into arguments all the time on Facebook. With the right wing supporters, or about my stance on legalising weed (which i’m not completely against by the way even though i don’t touch the stuff) and saying how the Daily Express is fake news and then I shout at them for it (my stance on the British newspaper industry is somewhat clouded given my experience with them). And of course those that support brexit. But I got into an argument that really annoyed me about Formula E.. People STILL say that Formula E is crap because of the lack of noise. Now come on how stupid do you have to be to have a problem with that?? Complaining about an electric car because it doesn’t make noise is like complaining that a bakery sells mostly bread.. pffffft what kind of moron buys bread from a bakery.. Am I right guys?? “ugh electric racing is crap because there’s no noise” fucking idiots!!! Get Formula E on a proper circuit is another one. Yeah because catering to people that aren’t going to turn up to a featureless track in the middle of nowhere is a great idea too right?? ugh.. Morons!! the lot of them.

OK I’ve tried to keep this Christmas free as best I can but it is the evening before Christmas as I write this so I guess I’d better write about it real quick. People just say you know it’s Christmas and you should be happy. Yeah I’ve heard people say that.. It’s basically like telling someone with depression that they should simply be happier once in a while. I suffer from depression so to them I say fuck off when I hear that. Let me tell you how my Christmas has gone so far.

The reason why I’ve written so much on my page this last week is not because I’m working to some kind of deadline (although getting so much published before Christmas actually rocks I’m not gonna lie) It’s been the result of me having the worst toothache in all of history. I can’t do much about it for several reasons chief among which is that they can’t pull it because it’s inside my gum and there’s nothing to pull from the outside and the dentists are closed for Christmas anyway. So having only had 8 hours sleep in 2 days and passing out when the pain subsides for a few minutes at a time has brought you a load of articles.. You’re welcome (LOL)

There has been some cause for celebration though because I discovered that Cadburys Twirls actually help the pain to go away (no I’m not kidding something about it is great for taking toothache pain away). So I have the plan to have one by the bed so that if i wake up in pain i just take a small bite of one and all is better again. Except it isn’t because of the position I sleep in I then get kept awake by having bits of chocolate stuck in my throat!! So Bah Humbug everyone.

So that combined with arguing with idiots about why electric vehicles make no noise was my week since the last thing I wrote. Still. Not all bad. I turn 36 in 2 days time and my Dad’s birthday is a day later. But hey it’s OK. I suffer from depression too so I can just cheer up right? Jesus Christ!!

I don’t have a complete downer on Christmas however. I do hate how mince pies are only a seasonal thing when they are so nice to have, or how we now have to have a day to be kind to each other before we go back to being shit to everyone. I can think of a very famous Christmas day in France just over 100 years ago that was exactly that now I think of it.

But what makes Christmas bad for me this year.. The TV is terrible this year. It says something when the most appealing thing to me tomorrow is sports bloopers on Eurosport and live NFL on sky sports. There’s No Dr Who special Top Gear haven’t done one for years either but then I’ve got a blu ray home cinema system that I don’t use for playing blu rays enough so I could make something happen here now I think about it.

But before I do that and before I start rocking back and forth on my sofa I’m wrapping this up like a fine Christmas present from the local petrol station bought on Christmas Eve at 11:55pm. Seriously guys have a merry Christmas and enjoy whatever you’re doing. I’m likely playing Rocket League all day. I’ll be back with more things after Christmas day but for now thanks for reading and putting up with this.

There’ll be more from me very soon.



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